Lightweight: the premium motorhome in the 3.5 ton weight class

That's what you call a brilliant start: only just presented in January 2012, the Carthago c-tourer I is a successful model. The equally super-lightweight and super-solid series has taken the 3.5 ton class in a unique manner. They combine the top class premium Liner cabin design including double floor with high-quality, an AL-KO low frame, sophisticated interior and an almost unbeatably low weight.
The c-tourer I continues expanding Carthago's position as a pioneer with the high-quality and lightweight motorhome sector.


+ Comfort and lightweight in the 3.5 ton weight class

Extra compact floor plans
Vehicle height with double floor only 289 cm
High additional load reserves, also in the 3.5 ton weight class
AL-KO low frame special Carthago feature
Gross vehicle weight 3.5 t to 4.25 t

+ Fist class driving comfort

Safety equipment airbag, ESP, ABS, ASR, Hillholder
Carthago driver's cabin visibility concept
+ Premium-class added value

Carthago bodywork concept, Liner premium class main cabin design
Air-conditioned double floor loadable from the inside
Hot air storage heating system
Single level living area floor

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